Friday, July 9, 2010

Whew ... Block 6 on Time

Well what a few days I have had catching up. Of course, I still have lots of hand stitching to do but at least I can do that next week.
So here is Block 6 of Pond House that I am doing with Deb and Melanie (thank you for being so patient with me ladies, I really appreciated it)

Now I did have intentions to put the 6 blocks together and show the completed panel but when I started to do that today, I revealed a terrible mistake. Block 2 was made a little too big. I must have got carried away with my measurements because when I double checked them today,
Now don't tell hubby I said that or he will take it as evidence that I am sometimes wrong. And I wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea about me

So this weekend, I will be unpicking Blocks 2 and 3 and the little checkered strip above it,
re-doing the sizing on Block 2 and then putting in all back together again.
Should be fun ......

After the weekend, I will show you the completed panel

Till then,
Happy Stitching

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mission 2

Well here is Block 5

Who said bias was fun???? you have got to be kidding. But thanks to Clover they have made my life today so much easier. When I did Block 1, I spent 3 hours making bias for the vines. When I saw the bias on this one, I have to say I did have a wee tantrum. (who am I kidding - I had a huge one) But thanks to the lovely Shiree who sent Deb out on a mission a wee while ago looking for Clover adhesive bias, there was a different option for me. So Deb told me where to go (in a nice way) and I came home with some pre made bias made in green. It may not have been the right shade, but I wasn't worried.

Now I haven't stitched it down as yet, that may take me a while but at least I can show you Block 5 of Pond House that I am doing with Deb and Melanie.

Till tomorrow,
Keep stitching, I know I will be

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can't talk, Stitching to save myself

No, sorry I really don't have time to talk at the moment. As you may have noticed I have been missing for a few months and yes a lot has happened.
My job has been re-structured, my eye sight started to tell me I was getting old. DD3 has completed her European school trip and watched the terrible happenings in Greece (bombing and riots) and much much more has been going on.

But during all this time, the lovely Melanie and Deb have been very patient with me and gave me time to deal with my issues. So now I am on a 2 week break from work and I am making the effort to get back on track.

Today's mission was to complete Block 4 of Pond House - Ta Da

Tomorrows mission is to complete Block 5

And on Friday, the mission will be to complete Block 6 and be on track with Melanie and Deb again

Till tomorrow,
Happy Stitching

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes it's back ....

The power that is...and no it has not been off that long. LOL

So this was my power pole

Such a lovely power pole. It had been doing its job for so many years, now it was going to be replaced by a better pole, a younger pole, a better looking pole (you know how it goes when you get a little old)

So one minute (or a few) it was there, THEN...

It was time to say goodbye. So I was thinking that this new pole was not quite right. It didn't look like it would do the job well, or will it?

It is red, so maybe a good colour? And very useful for hanging my quilts on. Yes I can see it now, quilts hanging on the ladder. How lovely. But hang on, I noticed that this ladder/pole is being supported by a rope from my tree. Hmmm .... nope, I am not thinking this is good and all those wires hanging down over my gate. How am I suppose to get out to go fabric shopping? Yip, I am thinking the hubby had something to do with this.

No wait ... ... there is a new pole and here it is.

Can you see the difference? Go on, have another look. I'll wait while you look back at the first 2 photos of the old pole.
This is Chloe and Max, they are checking out the new pole too from the back of hubby's 4x4

No, you don't see anything different? Did you have a good look?

Still see nothing? Neither did I. So I had to ask that lovely man as to what was new and all it was, was the porcelain needed to be replaced for the wiring to go around the top of the pole. Yip, even Chloe and Max was stunned

See, I have such an exciting life.
Maybe I could share another one of my stories with you again soon

Till next time,
Happy stitching

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cutting Off the Power

How rude, I have been given less than 20mins to do this. I have been told that they are cutting off my power in 20mins. No it is not because I have not paid my power bill!! They are digging up our street to put in new sewer pipes in and the power company thought it was a great time to up date our power system. So power off today and tomorrow. Back on for Sunday and off again on Monday. What's a girl to do? GO SHOPPING YEAH......

Any way, DD3 left last Sunday for her school European trip. She is having a lovely time and today leaves Florance and heads to Rome where she will be for 4 days. Lucky girl. But of course I had to make her a bag big enough for all her shopping. What do you think? Yes the only photo I could get was after she had packed it to take it on the plane as her carry on.

And of course today is the 9th so I must very quickly show you my next block for Pond House

Got to go, the power guy is wagging his finger at me.

Till next time,
Happy Stitiching

Friday, March 19, 2010

Visits and Painting

During the weekend I took another trip to the other side of NZ. Yes to Hokitika to visit Miche'le again. Oh course I did pop into the Wildfoods festival while I was there, had to make the most of the trip across the island. So up at 5am on a Saturday morning and look what I got from Miche'le shop while I was there ...

The pretty flora's just because I had to have them
And the soft pink backgrounds for the Joy of Life quilt that I hope to start later this year

While I was there, Miche'le gave me this beautiful mini cushion. Remember how there is a few of us here in NZ that decided to do a Mini Cushion swap, while we are continuing to do this and as there is no set time to send we just do it when we have the time. Of course Miche'le must have more time than me at the moment.

Isn't it lovely? Miche'le does the most beautiful work and I am so happy to now have 2 of her pieces in my home.


I have been attending a painting class on a Tuesday night and during the last 4 weeks I have been making this.

What do you think? I am very pleased with it. DD1 tried to steal it last night but I am happy to say, I still have it. Maybe I could make her one, one day
And I made this for DD3 as she loves black and white. I have been asked to make a couple more but we will see

I hand stamped the ribbon on this one. It was so much fun and so quick to do.
Yes I think I will whip up a few more

Now off to do some sewing, DD3 leaves for her School Classics trip in 2 weeks,
Italy and Greece for a month. And I still have to make her a day bag.
So down with the paint brush and up with the needle

Til next time,
Happy stitching

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Presents & Block 2

Last week it was my birthday. I was given some lovely gifts. First, DH gave me some new rulers for my quilting. They were just what I needed but they were given to me at 5am. That was my other present, he was heading away for the weekend to spend time with his parents. Not sure if that was what I wanted, but I did get a good nights sleep. (He's a snorer)

DD3 gave me the first season of Bewitched, something from my child hood that she knew I would love. Seeing that I have already watch 10 of the episodes, I guess I had better start looking for the next season.

The family (minus DH) asked me what did I want to do for my birthday. I wanted to go to the zoo and have a picnic. So off we went. All my daughters, their partners and the grandchildren.
I have to say, I like the idea of putting live food in a cage for the lions, don't you?

By the end of the day, they had all enjoyed themselves and we had all shared some lovely quality time together

Some of the staff at work got together to give me this lovely handmade felted bag

On Friday, I popped into Deb's and she had made me the most beautiful candlewick bolster cushion. Isn't just beautiful? The hand work is so lovely. I have it sitting in my chair at the moment. Deb filled it with Lavender so I am feeling rather relaxed (and sleepy). Thank you so much Deb, you are such a wonderful friend.


So today is the 9th, and I have to show my block 2 of Pond House.
Not quite finished but nearly there and should be completed before I go to bed tonight so that would mean that my block is completed on the 9th. Hooray

Now I just have to wait for Deb and Melanie to show theirs. Then it is off to start block 3. I had better get it done early as I will be away for the 9th April so I will have to show it before I go.

Til next time, happy stitching