Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes it's back ....

The power that is...and no it has not been off that long. LOL

So this was my power pole

Such a lovely power pole. It had been doing its job for so many years, now it was going to be replaced by a better pole, a younger pole, a better looking pole (you know how it goes when you get a little old)

So one minute (or a few) it was there, THEN...

It was time to say goodbye. So I was thinking that this new pole was not quite right. It didn't look like it would do the job well, or will it?

It is red, so maybe a good colour? And very useful for hanging my quilts on. Yes I can see it now, quilts hanging on the ladder. How lovely. But hang on, I noticed that this ladder/pole is being supported by a rope from my tree. Hmmm .... nope, I am not thinking this is good and all those wires hanging down over my gate. How am I suppose to get out to go fabric shopping? Yip, I am thinking the hubby had something to do with this.

No wait ... ... there is a new pole and here it is.

Can you see the difference? Go on, have another look. I'll wait while you look back at the first 2 photos of the old pole.
This is Chloe and Max, they are checking out the new pole too from the back of hubby's 4x4

No, you don't see anything different? Did you have a good look?

Still see nothing? Neither did I. So I had to ask that lovely man as to what was new and all it was, was the porcelain needed to be replaced for the wiring to go around the top of the pole. Yip, even Chloe and Max was stunned

See, I have such an exciting life.
Maybe I could share another one of my stories with you again soon

Till next time,
Happy stitching


  1. So the long and the short of it was something about men and porcelain, mmmm, gobsmacking stuff. Sweetie, you do need to get out more - come and watch the grass grow with me, you might be lucky and see a daisy flower - dizzy stuff eh?
    hugs, Miche'le

  2. Good grief, just as well you went for a time out at the Resort. Does your hotel room have padded walls???
    no hugs me.

  3. So you're keeping the shots of the young stud muffin topless on the ladder to yourself? Hanging quilts on it -bo diddly. LOL