Monday, May 11, 2009

Now, where was I

Yes, where was I before I was rudely interrupted by life?
First things first, here is a few snips of the swaps I have sent away during the last month.

This is the lovely rabbit I made for someone who will not let me know if she has received her or not, and as I read her blog comments, lots of people have sent her things that she is not claiming she has so I wont tell you who she is as that would be rude but I can show you the lovely rabbit I spent hours making for her.

Here is a the Spring swap I sent away but I have just found out that it never arrived, so I am putting together another to put in the post so I am only showing a sneak peek so as not to spoil the surprise

Here is a bag I sent for a bag swap I was involved with through Snickerdoodles. It was full of little surprises. Just as all bags should be

Here is a sneak peek of a Redwork cushion I made for another swap. I can't show you the whole thing yet as I have not been told if it has been received

So as you can see, I have been rather busy stitching getting my swaps completed and sent on their long journeys.

Which brings me to a little something that upset me in the weekend. I received an email telling me that as I had not updated my blog in a while, I was being pulled from a swap that I had joined that is happening in a couple of months. As you could imagine, I was blown away. To think that I have been black listed because I am so busy with my life and family that I can not be trusted to do a swap. What really got me was the person who wanted me removed was the person who was sending to me, not the same person that I was sending too. When I commit to something – I do it, no matter what is going on. Stitching fits in the handbag but the PC, well it just won’t. So when I am sitting at the doctors waiting to hear the news of the problems my daughter has medically with her pregnancy, or while I have my 30 minute lunch break at work, or while I am concerned about my daughters wedding being cancelled because a richer person wants the venue we booked for that day and they get it, I still continue to stitch to complete my projects.

I am flabbergasted with how people believe they no what is going on with me and assume they have the right to change things on me. If only they asked?

So I apologize to you all for not updating you all with my life and I am sorry to the lovely lady I had started making the swap gift for. I am sure you will get something nice from someone, just not me.

Please note that due to the privacy act here in NZ, I have not mentioned the swap or the names of the people involved. Now that would be bad of me!!

Sorry if this appears to be a little negative but I needed to get it of my chest. Next posting will be a happier one as I am getting together some photos of the lovely swaps I have received. And then I will show you what I made at the Symposium

Til next time, Happy Stitching (and less bitching)