Monday, May 11, 2009

Now, where was I

Yes, where was I before I was rudely interrupted by life?
First things first, here is a few snips of the swaps I have sent away during the last month.

This is the lovely rabbit I made for someone who will not let me know if she has received her or not, and as I read her blog comments, lots of people have sent her things that she is not claiming she has so I wont tell you who she is as that would be rude but I can show you the lovely rabbit I spent hours making for her.

Here is a the Spring swap I sent away but I have just found out that it never arrived, so I am putting together another to put in the post so I am only showing a sneak peek so as not to spoil the surprise

Here is a bag I sent for a bag swap I was involved with through Snickerdoodles. It was full of little surprises. Just as all bags should be

Here is a sneak peek of a Redwork cushion I made for another swap. I can't show you the whole thing yet as I have not been told if it has been received

So as you can see, I have been rather busy stitching getting my swaps completed and sent on their long journeys.

Which brings me to a little something that upset me in the weekend. I received an email telling me that as I had not updated my blog in a while, I was being pulled from a swap that I had joined that is happening in a couple of months. As you could imagine, I was blown away. To think that I have been black listed because I am so busy with my life and family that I can not be trusted to do a swap. What really got me was the person who wanted me removed was the person who was sending to me, not the same person that I was sending too. When I commit to something – I do it, no matter what is going on. Stitching fits in the handbag but the PC, well it just won’t. So when I am sitting at the doctors waiting to hear the news of the problems my daughter has medically with her pregnancy, or while I have my 30 minute lunch break at work, or while I am concerned about my daughters wedding being cancelled because a richer person wants the venue we booked for that day and they get it, I still continue to stitch to complete my projects.

I am flabbergasted with how people believe they no what is going on with me and assume they have the right to change things on me. If only they asked?

So I apologize to you all for not updating you all with my life and I am sorry to the lovely lady I had started making the swap gift for. I am sure you will get something nice from someone, just not me.

Please note that due to the privacy act here in NZ, I have not mentioned the swap or the names of the people involved. Now that would be bad of me!!

Sorry if this appears to be a little negative but I needed to get it of my chest. Next posting will be a happier one as I am getting together some photos of the lovely swaps I have received. And then I will show you what I made at the Symposium

Til next time, Happy Stitching (and less bitching)


  1. hmmmm, well I started off to say welcome back, and I do mean that in the nicest way possible, I must admit that I have been checking you blog regularly, but surely, when and why and how often we blog is up to us individually, what an awful shame that you have been treated so, I am looking forward to meeting you in July! chin up and plough on huh!!!!

  2. that is very very sad............hope things improve for you very soon........didn't know you had a privacy act that would prevent you from saying what you want here.......

  3. Ow Darlene, thats a shame about what happened with the swap you were involved in. I agree life does continue out of blogging and I think we all find that sometimes we feel a bit of pressure to blog, but heck I am sure all of your blogging friends agree, sometimes life turns to shyte and gets in the way.
    Anyway I love all of your goodies you made. I had the same thing happen with my Easter swap where the recipient has not bothered to acknowledge receipt of their gift or any of their emails- but hey she may be busy and thats okay.
    Look forward to reading more about symposium.

  4. Hi Darlene, what a horrid ordeal you've been thru! Not sure that I'd have been quite so diplomatic if it were me though.... sometimes life just gets in the way.
    'Blogging without obligation' - isn't that one of our unwritten rules?
    Keep your spirits up, your projects all look lovely and if I'd been the recipient of that gorgeous rabbit I'd have told the world.. :-)
    Cheryl xx

  5. Sorry to hear about all the Bitterness that has been Thrown your way...Blogging is not a Committment...I Surely don't feel Guilty if I don't is your Right to have a Blog & to posts when it dare they do that to you....well you know what... who would want to be in that swap if that's the way they are & If I were you should name them so we can all be aware of their doings....Remember it's your Blog & you can say what you Like & when You Like you don't need anyone's Permission....Bugger Them.!!!

  6. By the way...Your Work is Lovely...

  7. I agree with everything that has been said. It's your blog, say what you have to. That's certainly not in the spirit of - well anything really, lost for words, that would have to be a first.
    Big Hugs, Lizzie

  8. hi darlene,
    i just realised.....the reason your swap partner will not let you know that she received your gorgeous rabbit is because she is also the person who has NOT sent on her swap gift. if you won't name her, i will.....TRACEY CESSNA. it's time she got a life and stopped entering swaps if she has no intention of doing the right thing. i've had it up to my eyeballs with women like this...they disgust me!!!!