Friday, April 9, 2010

Cutting Off the Power

How rude, I have been given less than 20mins to do this. I have been told that they are cutting off my power in 20mins. No it is not because I have not paid my power bill!! They are digging up our street to put in new sewer pipes in and the power company thought it was a great time to up date our power system. So power off today and tomorrow. Back on for Sunday and off again on Monday. What's a girl to do? GO SHOPPING YEAH......

Any way, DD3 left last Sunday for her school European trip. She is having a lovely time and today leaves Florance and heads to Rome where she will be for 4 days. Lucky girl. But of course I had to make her a bag big enough for all her shopping. What do you think? Yes the only photo I could get was after she had packed it to take it on the plane as her carry on.

And of course today is the 9th so I must very quickly show you my next block for Pond House

Got to go, the power guy is wagging his finger at me.

Till next time,
Happy Stitiching


  1. Oh dear, no power! So, go on fess up, what did you go and buy? Is the house quiet with Sam away and how are you coping?
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. Lovely job on the bag and the Pond 3 blocks. It's going to look gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear about your power. What about a treadle sewing machine? In Wales I'd resort to mine whenever someone put a fence post through the power cable. It would take them days sometimes to find the spot. LOL