Friday, July 9, 2010

Whew ... Block 6 on Time

Well what a few days I have had catching up. Of course, I still have lots of hand stitching to do but at least I can do that next week.
So here is Block 6 of Pond House that I am doing with Deb and Melanie (thank you for being so patient with me ladies, I really appreciated it)

Now I did have intentions to put the 6 blocks together and show the completed panel but when I started to do that today, I revealed a terrible mistake. Block 2 was made a little too big. I must have got carried away with my measurements because when I double checked them today,
Now don't tell hubby I said that or he will take it as evidence that I am sometimes wrong. And I wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea about me

So this weekend, I will be unpicking Blocks 2 and 3 and the little checkered strip above it,
re-doing the sizing on Block 2 and then putting in all back together again.
Should be fun ......

After the weekend, I will show you the completed panel

Till then,
Happy Stitching


  1. Thats okay darlene, one of mine was a little bit short, but it just means a slight snip along the side!!!
    Block 6 looks great.

  2. Mine was a bit out so I did a little massaging of the pieces. Don't worry Darlene you are still infallible- we all are of course. :-)

    Well done with the mammoth catch up.

  3. My goodness all that catch-up work and posting on your blog - you're a machine! Never say you were wrong, just admit to not being right. It doesn't hurt so much and the 'men' don't seem to be able to use it against us so easily for some reason.