Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mission 2

Well here is Block 5

Who said bias was fun???? you have got to be kidding. But thanks to Clover they have made my life today so much easier. When I did Block 1, I spent 3 hours making bias for the vines. When I saw the bias on this one, I have to say I did have a wee tantrum. (who am I kidding - I had a huge one) But thanks to the lovely Shiree who sent Deb out on a mission a wee while ago looking for Clover adhesive bias, there was a different option for me. So Deb told me where to go (in a nice way) and I came home with some pre made bias made in green. It may not have been the right shade, but I wasn't worried.

Now I haven't stitched it down as yet, that may take me a while but at least I can show you Block 5 of Pond House that I am doing with Deb and Melanie.

Till tomorrow,
Keep stitching, I know I will be


  1. Brill Darlene. That block was a total mare the next one is a doddle promise. I used the self adhesive too. I had to stitch it down quick though as edges kept trying to come away.

  2. So Glad you were put on the right track for the Clover Bias...doing it the old way would have been a Nightmare with all those curves...Your Block looks Great..