Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm making a Free Gift for you

So now I have your attention, don't run away. I am serious, I am going to make you a gift and post it to you to enjoy. I promise it's a nice gift and all you have to do is join my PIF by leaving a comment or emailing me. See really simple.

Oh you saw through that? Ok, so here are the rules. I joined Deb's PIF and now I need you to join my PIF and I will post you a lovely handmade gift. In return, all you have to do is place the PIF logo on your blog and get 3 people to join you. You have 365 days inwhich to make the gift and send it on. Now that is a whole year to think about what you want to make and get it to your players. Thats not bad and this is very easy to do.

So show me that you want to play and I will throw in a little something special just for you as well as the handmade gift all the way from New Zealand

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