Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pressies for Me? Yahoo

A got a little gift from Deb from her travels to Australia to visit the family. Look what I got

Well for me, the bag is enough. It is a long standing joke with us. Many years ago we attended a stitching group. If someone had issues, we would respond with "It's not all about you" and everyone would laugh. During this time, Deb and I would search for items that reminded everyone that it wasn't always about them. We went away for a weekend with these wonderful ladies and Deb and I came out of our bunk room wearing slippers that read "It's all about me"
Well you could imagine the fun we had with those slippers. I now have a keyring with that saying on it and there are other items around the house just to remind me that it is all about me ... Yeah right, LOL

So lets have a look in the bag shall we?

A beautiful piece of lace and 2 Christmas fat quarters. I am so lucky. Thank you Deb.
I am a little concerned as she told me I was not allowed to cut up the lace for my craft work.
She knows how much I like using bits of old lace and doilies in my work. But I promise not to cut this one up.

Til next time,
Happy stitching


  1. Egzacklery, its not all about you after all!!

  2. What a pretty lace doily! I have to agree with would be a shame to cut into that one.

  3. Hi Darlene,( I found you via Deb ). I love the old photo of your street. That's a wonderful view looking out to sea.
    It's great to see another Kiwi getting a quilty blog going. I'll come back and visit again.