Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Projects This Week

Firstly, I wish to thank you all for the welcoming comments and emails I have received since joining Blog Land. You have all made me feel very welcomed.

I did get a wee reminder today from someone, telling me that "one post, does not make a blog". Well that does put the pressure on, doesn't it?

today I thought I would show you some of the projects I started on last week while on a 3 day retreat in Hanmer with a friend. It was lovely and a lot of stitching was done. Firstly I thought it was about time to start block one of the Red Delicious BOM
But why stop there when I have Block 2 as well

Well what was I going to do on Day 2? Simple really, I was asked by my daughter Samantha (aged 15) to make her a quilt. I was over the moon with this, as Sam has never wanted a quilt before except when she was 2yrs old and I have to admit, it is still sitting in the back room waiting to be finished. Oh well, that will be finished at some stage. So I was told the requirements, and here they are - brown fabrics only, and it has to be scrappy. Only BROWN? Yes she is not the usual teenager. So I had been spending the last few months hunting down brown fabrics. Not an easy task I can tell you.
So Day 2, I have the fabrics on the cutting board and away I go. Threads everywhere on the floor, blocks laid on the floor, my poor friend Cathy had to sit on her chair and hand stitch all day so she didn't get in the way. Evening comes, and I am not in any mood to put the rows together so of to bed and that will be tomorrow task I said.
Day 3, up early and ready to go again and this is the result I got

I have to tell you, I was very happy with the result. However, Sam was not. Firstly, it was to big. Sam has a queen size bed so I made one to fit. You should have seen her face when I told her that it still needed borders yet. Then she said it had orange in it. What? No honey, it is autumn brown. But no, she said is orange. Oh well, teenagers ahh? I will still finish it and it will be given to her. Hopefully when winter gets here, she will grow to love its warmth.

Right, now for the rest of Day 3. Yes I too did sign up for the Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop And like everyone else, my BOMs sit here waiting to be done. Lucky for me I decided to take all 7 blocks with me. However, I only got 4 done.

Well, thats me for today. Now I am off to paint the room that will be my new craft room. Having 2 daughters move out over the last few years, has allowed me to spread myself around the house. This is not a good look so a craft room with everything in one place is being created.

Till next time,
Happy stitching

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  1. Congrats and about time too for your 2nd post--no pressure of course. hey that Quilt of Sam's looks great, if she doesn't want it I will!!