Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing in Action

I am so sorry for the delay in updating my blog. No I haven't really been missing, but I have returned to work. After a wonderful 6 weeks holiday (can you guess what my career place is?) I had to return to work. I thought I would still have plenty of time for everything, but the start of a new school year is always messy.

So, I have got myself sorted out and I think I am back to normal, well as normal as one can be. Over the next few days, I will be doing some house cleaning on the blog and bring you up to date with my going ons. eg, stitching projects on the go, purchases of new quilting items, my daughters wedding coming up, a new grand child on the way and presents received in the mail. Yes, it has been busy and I do have a lot of thanking to do

Well Cheryl wanted to know what does the harbour look like today compared with my header of years gone by, well I have taken some photos of something you would not have seen in the harbour all those years ago.

This is the Regent, she was in port for 24hrs. Normally the cruise boats only stay for 12hrs. She looked lovely during the night with all her fairy lights on. She was in the Inner Harbour.

And on one of the outer wharfs, we had the Dawn Princess

During the summer season, we have on average, a cruise boat a day. Sometime 2 or as we had the other day 3 in at a time. The sight of watching them come in at 6am is just so lovely.

Till next time,
Happy Stitching


  1. So nice to have you back Darlene. I'd give up the work and concentrate on the real world!!!
    Go part time like your bestest buddy.

  2. That must swell the local population incredibly!
    I hope you have a great year at school and find time to sew as well.