Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm late, I'm late .....

Yes, I am so late for a very important date or 2 or 3, I have lost count of where I am at or where I should be. At this stage, a nice island far away sounds good.

So first up, on the 1st February I sent away 3 of these little cushions.

One went over the hill to Christchurch, another went over the mountains and the other one went south for the winter. In return, I got 3 back. Well I think that was a fair swap, don't you?
So from over the hill came this wee delight from Deb

From over the mountains came this vision of beauty from Miche'le

And it came from the south was this wee cutie from Shiree

Wasn't I lucky? And to think we are going to do it again during the year (3 or 4 more times I think). So if you live in any of those areas, look out for low flying tuffets.


And then on the 9th February I was suppose to show my first block of Pond House. I am doing this with Deb and Melanie. Well I have to confess that I was ready to go and complete it by that date but I didn't. So much got in the way, I was thinking it was never going to happen. Well the stitching is not completed (just a little more to go) but I thought that seeing the next block is due in 2 weeks, I had better show this block.

I promise to have it all stitched real soon and block 2 will be started in the next day or 2 and will be ready to show on the 9th March. I have a sneaky feeling that Melanie has already done block 2 and maybe a few more as well. I don't think that girl sleeps.

Till next time, happy stitching
(I will keep stitching, I promise)


  1. Sit back, breath in deep and relax. The quilt police aren't going to raid or frisk you, unless you want them to of course. Tomorrow is another day and I'm sure the only slap you will get from Melanie or Deb is with a wet bus ticket. We understand, your busy : )

  2. The quilt police might not be about but Miss Deb might keep you on your toes!!

  3. Hi Darlene,

    Any updates of the Row Robin swap from Oct? Drop us a line and let us know what's up when you get a chance.

  4. Great to see your 1st Pond House block is nearly done. I'm looking forward to seeing what your house is like on the 9th. The edges are very fiddly.

    Lovely mini cushions- great swap.