Friday, February 5, 2010

I do ...

Yes the wedding has occurred and it was just lovely. DD2 had big plans but as we all know, sometimes things just do not work out that way. So the simple easy wedding plan came together and this is how it went.

On the river bank it was going to be. And as it is the middle of summer, it will be a lovely day. Hmmm .... rain clouds every where and umbrella's popping up fast. So what's with a little rain?

Not fun for everyone, if only they would let her play with the ducks.

DD1 and DD2 smiling for the cameras

And didn't she make a lovely job of the cake. Yes DD2 did everything herself. She made a beautiful Strawberry mousse and White Chocolate cake. Enough for 3 weddings I think.
There was a wee story with the cake. Someone had to go stealing out of someones garden in the middle of the night to get the right shade of flowers for the top. The things one does for their wedding day.

Of course the day would not be complete without the family photos. Here is the prize family shot for the day. They told her it was a party and this is how she paid them back. The more she looked for presents and balloons, the more unhappier she became. But I will treasure this photo and save it for her 21st

And to finish it off, here is DD3, DD2 and DD1


  1. Hi Darlene, what lovely photo's and not a rain drop in sight. All three big girls look just gorgeous, and the littlies, well great blackmail materieal for the furture (LOL). Now it's over it's time for you to relax my friend xx

  2. Sorry what was your name again??
    The photos look Ava's "minites" moment, what a crack up. The girls all looked lovely. Where is the photo of You and DH2??