Monday, February 23, 2009

New people, New friends

Well I said earlier today that I had someone new to introduce you to but now I have 2. And just to make it clear, I only had to pay cash to one of them to be my friend.

First, let me introduce you to Sherry. She just joined Blog land today so she could join my PIF. Isn't she wonderful. She is a manicurist my day and a quilter by night. I wonder how much she would charge me to do my nails? It's only a 17 hour flight. I'm sure it will be worth the trip. Pop over and welcome her.

Now for the friend I did have to pay cash for. Well DD has been asking for a puppy for quite some time and we managed to tame that want of a puppy to a canary in a cage. Well that worked for awhile but the want came back. But this time it wasn't for a puppy.

Let me introduce you to Bella

She is 12 weeks old, and as loopy as they come. She has found spaces around the house that even I didn't know about. However, Raoul our 4yr old cat, is a little put out. He is not that thrilled about having an excitable kitten in the house who wants to sleep in his spot, eat his food and try to disturb his peace and quite. Poor Raoul, I am sure he will get over it.

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend of loud music and entertainment. On Saturday, DH and I packed a picnic and our chairs and headed of to Waipara (about an hour from home) to the Pegasus Winery

to attend the Main Divide Concert. It was an 10 hour outdoor concert. The grounds were fantastic. But don't you feel sorry for the opening act? She was great but as you can see by the crowd, there were very few of us there.

But as the day went on, the crowds arrived and by night fall, the place was packed

Then on Sunday, we had our annual Street Party here in Lyttelton.

They close of the main street and set up a stage were there is live music all day and stall holders selling everything from food to woolen socks. I don't think many socks got sold, it was a stinking hot day

Well back to work to have a rest I guess. Hopefully a little stitching during the lunch break
Later today, I will have a new friend to introduce you to. Any ideas as to who she is?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing in Action

I am so sorry for the delay in updating my blog. No I haven't really been missing, but I have returned to work. After a wonderful 6 weeks holiday (can you guess what my career place is?) I had to return to work. I thought I would still have plenty of time for everything, but the start of a new school year is always messy.

So, I have got myself sorted out and I think I am back to normal, well as normal as one can be. Over the next few days, I will be doing some house cleaning on the blog and bring you up to date with my going ons. eg, stitching projects on the go, purchases of new quilting items, my daughters wedding coming up, a new grand child on the way and presents received in the mail. Yes, it has been busy and I do have a lot of thanking to do

Well Cheryl wanted to know what does the harbour look like today compared with my header of years gone by, well I have taken some photos of something you would not have seen in the harbour all those years ago.

This is the Regent, she was in port for 24hrs. Normally the cruise boats only stay for 12hrs. She looked lovely during the night with all her fairy lights on. She was in the Inner Harbour.

And on one of the outer wharfs, we had the Dawn Princess

During the summer season, we have on average, a cruise boat a day. Sometime 2 or as we had the other day 3 in at a time. The sight of watching them come in at 6am is just so lovely.

Till next time,
Happy Stitching