Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well, what a month it has been.

Bella has grown considerably but she has had a rotten time. After we sent her in for a simple girlie op, she had a reaction to the pain killers they put her on. The long weekend turned into hell for her as she had difficulty breathing and was not able to eat or drink. We thought she was a goner at the emergency vets and so did they but come Tuesday morning, she was handed back to our vet and her life became so much better. He noted the problem, and she was leaping around the lounge again with full energy by the end of the week. Here she is in her relaxed mode. I so wish I could sleep like that …

And here is my big boy Raoul.

He is not happy having a kitten in the house at all but he is not the brightest either. Have a close look to see who is sleeping on the other side of the heater. Can you see the white paws?

Yip, he never noticed that Bella had claimed the other side.

And why were they hugging the heater? Well it might have something to do with the snow.

Well I have been busy with a little sewing here and there. First, I am involved with a Row Robin. There is 6 of us from around the world and we have just started on our rows. Mine is somewhere in the USA at the moment and I get to see it again sometime around Christmas after everyone has made a row to go with it. I made this row for one of the Marty who is creating a Butterfly Garden Row quilt. Sorry, but the camera couldn't get the whole row, but I think you get the idea

I am now waiting for the next row to arrive so I can make something to go with it. I think it is the Wizard of Oz.

I was involved with Karen’s Christmas in July swap. I had a special friend deliver it for me as I was a little busy with other things. If you pop over to Deb’s blog and have a look at what she got and who delivered the present for me.

Well it was the wedding anniversary and DH and I decided a wee while ago that it was not necessary to buy a gift for this occasion. Instead, we disappear for the weekend.

We take off to here and as you can see, there is no one else around. It is a quite little bay and there is only 4 people living there. Complete quite. No TV, No internet, No cell phone coverage, just bliss

The only problem with this weekend was I arrived with the flu. Oh bother. So I sat on top of the fire all wrapped up with blankets and waited until it was time to go home on Sunday. I spent the rest of the week at home in bed. Not a stitch was stitched.

So I am now back at work for this week and then I am on holiday for 2 weeks for school break. I have a lot of stitching to do.

DD1 went to Thailand with her partner for a lovely holiday. They did there own travel arrangements and decided to book accommodation when they were there. They had a wonderful time and I think they are planning on doing again soon.

DD2 had her birthday. It was a quite day as she is pregnant with grand daughter number 2. She has had a few worries. They have found 3 tumors on her uterus. At the moment they do not appear to be interfering with bubs but it did slow down her progress. She was rather tiny and was reading 9 weeks behind on development but with a good midwife and a specialist involved, she is catching up and should be with us on time. August 17th is the planned date

DD3 has been competing in the regional Big Sing competitions. She is in a school choir called Bel Canto from Burnside High School. She is in this photo somewhere on the right but this is all the choirs that were competing for this region and as you can see, there was many beautiful voices

Last week, she was told they have made it into the Nationals and will be competing in Dunedin at the end of August. The good thing is, that the cost is only $300 for her travel, accommodation and food for 4 days. A great bargain I am thinking. But of course last month she was told that she had been accepted for School tip to Greece and Italy next year. Well the cost for that one is nearer the $9,000 mark. Still a bargain she is telling me but I see that my fabric days are over for a while. Oh well, I guess that is why we have fabric stashes.

So if you have any fundraising ideas out there, let me know. The sooner I get the money for her trips, the sooner I can buy new fabric

Till next time, happy stitching